ENR Technologies Pocket Bluetooth 56k Modem

Wireless technologies are rapidly entering our life. Devices now communicate without wires. In particular the Bluetooth technology is changing the world of mobile phones and connected devices such as headsets, PC’s, and PDAs. The ENR Technologies Pocket Bluetooth 56k Modem is a pocket-sized Bluetooth 2.0+EDR V.90 dial up modem. It works with any Bluetooth enabled Windows Mobile powered PDA, Smartphone, Notebook and Desktop out of the box. Bluetooth stacks such as Microsoft, Widcomm, Palm, Stonestreet One and Toshiba have been tested for compatibility.The battery compartment accommodates  4 AAA batteries which operates the modem for up to 3 hours. It can also be powered by the supplied  light weight  switching DC power adapter as well.

What it can do...

The Pocket BT modem is equipped with Bluetooth Class 1 interface. It functions as a standard V.90 Modem for WAN communication and access to the internet within 100 meters. Rugged mobile computers from Symbol,  Motorola, Intermec, Honeywell, Unitech have been successfully tested for compatibility. It can be used as a lower cost alternative dial up modem for the enterprise class mobile computers in field service and data collection applications. The modem also becomes an essential travel gear where 3G or Wi-Fi networks are not available. Every modem comes with a unique 4 digit numeric and alphanumeric passkey so that multiple of them can be operated in a small area.


Wireless operation for up to 100 meters.

Works without a driver installation.

Easier to operate then a clip on modem by not occupying a physical com port on the mobile device and eliminates wear and tear.

Universal. So it will work with different PDA models.

It is much cheaper to operate then a cellular solution.

Phones lines are still the most reliable form of internet access and are available everywhere unlike broadband, cellular and wifi.

Lightweight portable battery operated design.


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